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Injection Training Videos

Dr. Hosseinzadeh will determine which protocol best suits your specific needs and goals.

Below are links to the more commonly used medications. Please call the office if you have questions.

  • Injection Training Videos

  • Follistim® by MERCK

  • menopur

  • Menopur® by FERRING

  • med-ganirelix

  • Ganirelix® by MERCK

  • med-pregnyl

  • Pregnyl® by MDR

  • bravelle

  • Bravelle®

  • med-repronex

  • Repronex®

  • gonal-pen

  • Gonal-f®

  • med-leuprolide-2

  • Lupron® by MDR

  • cetrotide

  • Cetrotide®

  • novarel

  • Novarel®


  • med-ovidrel

  • Ovidrel®

  • med-progesterone-2

  • Progesterone in Oil®

  • endometrin

  • Endometrin®

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