How to Explain Infertility to Family and Friends During the Holidays

Woman discussing infertility to family during the holidays

If you’re spending time with your friends and family for the holidays, but you’re also in the midst of a fertility journey, you might not be sure what to say to people who ask you about your experience. Gatherings can bring out the best and the worst in people, and you want to be prepared … Read more

Navigating the Holiday Season at Work: Balancing Infertility and Career

Woman on fertility journey during holidays

While infertility can be difficult any time of the year, it’s especially stressful around the holidays. Depending on the kind of career you have, you could be dealing with more than your fair share of issues related to how your company or industry handles seasonal holidays. If you work at a company where there are … Read more

Tips to Enjoy Thanksgiving While on Your Fertility Journey

Woman on fertility journey at Thanksgiving

When you’re in the midst of a fertility journey the holidays can be difficult. Even with all the joy this time of year often brings, you might find yourself feeling sad, incomplete, and even frustrated or angry. Those are normal emotions, and it’s absolutely fair to acknowledge them. But you can also find some great … Read more