Egg Retrieval


Egg Retrieval Process

The egg retrieval is performed under transvaginal ultrasound guidance in our own fully accredited surgical suites located in our office.

Our anesthesia team is also present to administer intravenous sedation and in rare circumstances general anesthesia may be required. This will be discussed with you on a case-by-case basis.

For the egg retrieval, the patient is placed in the same position as if she was having a pelvic exam. Following the administration of sedation, the vagina is cleansed with a saline solution. The vaginal probe ultrasound is then inserted into the vagina, and under ultrasound guidance, a needle is passed through the vaginal wall into each follicle to harvest the follicular fluid, which contains the microscopic egg. The follicular fluid is handed off to the embryologist who will scan the follicular fluid under a microscope to look for the presence of eggs.

The  is located adjacent to our operating room. The procedure typically lasts less than 30 minutes. Following this you will be recovered in our own recovery room until you are ready to go home.

  • It is mandatory that you do not eat or drink after midnight the night prior to the egg retrieval. You can brush your teeth the morning of egg retrieval.
  • Do not wear any jewelry or any perfume. Notify the anesthesiologist if you are wearing any dentures.
  • Wear comfortable clothing.
  • Make sure to be at FISD at least 45 minutes before your appointment.
  • Due to the anesthesia, you will be unable to drive after the procedure and must be accompanied home by a responsible adult.
  • Eat or drink anything you would like as tolerated. Some nausea is common for a few hours.
  • Expect some mild lower abdominal cramping as well as vaginal spotting after the procedure.
  • You should limit your activity for the remainder of the day following the egg retrieval. Do not exercise.
  • You should refrain from intercourse.
  • Do not use a hot tub or bathtub. You may shower.

Call Dr. Hosseinzadeh immediately if you have any of the following symptoms:

  • Fever (>101 F or 38.0 C).
  • Bleeding (i.e. soaking a pad every 1-2 hours).
  • Severe abdominal pain and tenderness.
  • Difficulty breathing.


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