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The technology for sperm freezing has been widely available for decades and it is proven to be safe and effective to preserve fertility in men. Sperm freezing for men should be taken into consideration in several different situations.

Cryopreservation of sperm can be done while a couple is going through certain fertility treatments. In addition, a man who has been diagnosed with cancer may opt to freeze sperm prior to chemotherapy or radiation therapy affecting the pelvic region. Couples who are physically apart may opt for sperm freezing in order for the female partner to be inseminated at the time of ovulation, or for the sample to be used in an IVF cycle.

When sperm is cryopreserved, an analysis is performed on specimen in order to know the amount and quality of sperm that will be frozen. The sperm is then put into different vials depending on how it will be used on future fertility treatments like ICSi or IUI. The sperm then is frozen and stored in liquid nitrogen short or long term.


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