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Our team here at the Fertility Institute of San Diego has been carefully selected for their extensive experience, amazing track record, and sensitivity to all our patient’s needs. We know how difficult facing fertility problems can be, and each and every member of our staff is here to listen, care for you, and welcome you as if you were our own family member. Let us be there for you, and help you grow your family, two tiny feet at a time.
Meet Our Board Certified Anesthesiologists

Anesthesia Team

Our expert anesthesia team is by your side every step of the way in the operating room to provide the best surgical anesthesia! Here at Fertility Institute of San Diego we pride ourselves in giving you the best care.

Meet Our Embryologists

Senior Embryologists

Your gametes are one of life’s most precious commodities! Meet our senior Embryologists who endeavor to take care of your precious resources. With their knowledge of biological sciences and expertise, they keep up to date with the latest technologies and medical advances from genetics to cryopreservation.

Meet Our Nurses

Meet Our Nurses

This is our team of nurses that work hard to provide you care during your fertility journey, and even follow you from operating room to recovery, and beyond. We are thankful to have such a skilled caring team of Nurses!
Meet Our Coordinators

Meet Our Coordinators

These will be some of the most familiar faces to you! Your personal Coordinators! From the moment you walk through our doors and are greeted in a professional, comfortable environment, to assisting you through all your steps with personalized service.

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