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Do you feel like a baby of your own is out of reach? Have you exhausted all avenues to achieve your family through reproductive treatments? Or have you found that the costs of reproductive treatments are beyond your financial possibilities?
Do not despair; there is still another possibility that may be available to you- Donated Embryos!

Many fortunate couples have an excess of normal viable embryos, many beyond what they need to create their families. From the goodness of their hearts they have offered these embryos to be donated to well deserving individuals who desire a family of their own. Ask us today if this is an opportunity that could be available to you, and you can still achieve your dream two baby feet at a time!

Through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), eggs are extracted and inseminated with sperm (ICSI), creating embryos that develop into blastocysts, once the embryos have reached this stage they are biopsied and sent for testing (PGT-A). A report is giving on which embryos are normal. Some couples have used their own eggs and sperm to create these embryos; others have had to move to the option of donated eggs and/or donated sperm. Whichever the case, some couples have had more than the normal amount of embryos to create their family and have many left over healthy embryos, that they do not wish to destroy, but would rather them be given to a couple that has not been able to achieve success in family options.

It is truly a gift that these couples have offered and a blessing that could be available to make this miracle possible to you!

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