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Donor options make families possible through egg, sperm and embryo donation

The first pregnancy from egg donation occurred in 1984. This is a very successful form of fertility treatment, which involves the use of donated eggs from an egg donor (usually a younger woman). The egg donor has eggs removed from her ovaries and the eggs are donated to the recipient woman. These donated eggs are fertilized with sperm, and the embryos created are placed into the recipient’s uterus. The sperm may be from the recipient’s partner or may be from a sperm donor. In some cases the embryos created are transferred to a gestational carrier (surrogate). If a pregnancy is established, the intention is that after delivery the recipient is the legal parent of the offspring.

Why do hopeful parents need donor services?

There are many reasons why women and men visit our San Diego IVF center for donor egg, sperm, and embryo services.

  • Sometimes, couples cannot conceive because the female partner does not have enough high quality eggs. This can be due to advanced maternal age, premature ovarian failure, severe female factor infertility and the effects of cancer treatment.
  • Couples may need to rely on a sperm donor when the male partner is struggling with severe male factor infertility and cannot produce enough healthy sperm to result in pregnancy.
  • Couples may need a gestational surrogate if the female partner is unable to carry a pregnancy for any reason.
  • Lesbian couples and single women who want to give birth to a child can do so with help from donor sperm.
  • Gay couples and single men who want to share a biological connection with their child rely on egg donation and gestational surrogacy to help them become fathers.

A look at the different types of donor services and third party reproduction

Our San Diego fertility center is proud to provide fertility treatments using donor eggs, sperm and embryos. We also offer IVF with gestational surrogacy to help make the dream of parenthood come true.

Get started on the journey to bring home a baby

Donor services at our San Diego IVF clinic provides a beautiful alternative to adoption. For hopeful parents who never thought they could experience the joy of pregnancy and childbirth, donor services offer a ray of hope.

Contact us to learn more about conceiving using donor eggs, sperm or embryos. We are here to guide you on this exciting journey.

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