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Is Your Weight Affecting Your Fertility?

Here’s why being underweight or overweight may be affecting your …

4 Foods That Can Harm Male Fertility and Sperm Health

Keep These Items Off Your Grocery List to Avoid Declining …

How Dark Chocolate May Boost Fertility

When it comes to reproductive health not all chocolate is …

Does Obesity Affect Fertility in Men?

Being Overweight or Obese May Be Harmful To a Man’s …

Cigarettes are bad for you

How Smoking May Affect Fertility 

Should you stop smoking tobacco cigarettes while on IVF treatments?  …

Lesbian fertility

Reciprocal IVF for San Diego Lesbians Couples

A Fertility Treatment available to Lesbian Couples – Shared Motherhood  …

Sperm Freezing and Donor Spermsmll

Treatment Options, Part 1: Low Tech Infertility

By Dr. Minoos HosseinzadeH, REI Infertility Treatment Options: Part I: …

Celebrity IVF

Celebrities who have struggled with infertility

What do Mariah Carey, Sarah Jessica Parker, Chrissy Teigen and …

6 activities to enjoy when trying to get pregnant

Ovulation, temperatures, pregnancy tests, oh my! Trying to get pregnant …

vitamins to help with fertility

Vitamins to help fertility

Research has shown that certain vitamins can increase your chances …

sperm donor

9 ways to improve sperm quality

Did you know that sperm production takes about three months, …

Secondary infertility

Causes of Secondary Infertility

Most couples that have a child together assume getting pregnant …

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