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We are constantly receiving letters and thank you cards from present and former patients. It is truly humbling to read your stories and we are grateful for your kind words. Below are a few of their patient stories:

beautiful children

Happy Doctor’s Day to a fantastic Doctor !

“Our path to having a family was a very difficult one, and the moral support you provided in addition to your medical knowledge helped to keep our hope alive. Thanks to you we never gave up, and we were blessed with three beautiful children who bring us so much joy. We are so lucky to have met you and we will be forever grateful for your help ! T & J.”

If someone is considering infertility treatment, I highly recommend Dr. Hosseinzadeh and her clinic.

Prior to coming to Fertility Institute of San Diego, I had gone through several unsuccessful cycles with another IVF center each one being more trying than the next. My experience was not very positive. The way I was treated by staff and the experience I had with my procedures created a high degree of stress and uncertainty. At that time a friend recommended that I see Dr. Hosseinzadeh. I contacted her and began treatment. Her knowledge, conduct and support contrasted with my previous experiences. Dr. Hosseinzadeh is very experienced, skilled and kind. She made sure that we were comfortable and armed with the necessary knowledge every single step of the way.

I felt that she knew exactly what we were going through and was there to provide great physical and mental support. I remember thinking that this is what it is like to be treated by real professionals. From the very start of our treatment we were able to build a trusting relationship with Dr. Hosseinzadeh. The IVF treatment was a much more comfortable experience than before, thanks to the staff going above and beyond their jobs to become people I could lean on. I felt that I got more service and attention at the clinic than what that money would buy at any other practice. We wanted a girl, and after two egg retrievals and one transfer I got pregnant with a girl! I will never forget the genuine joy Dr. Hosseinzadeh and her staff expressed at the news.

Patient MN, 42 years old.

We are so grateful to you for helping us start our little family.

“The care and compassion with which you provided us is unparalleled. Since becoming pregnant, I have had several friends go through the trials and tribulations of infertility. I hear their stories and am reminded you have no comparison. The attention you give both parents, babies, and even grandparents is remarkable. My parents still talk about your professionalism and sincerity. We truly feel that we won the lotto by being guided to you to start us on our journey through parenthood. I can’t wait to tell the boys about their first doctor and how she helped bring us all together. Thank you a million times over for being such a wonderful caregiver.”

Patient EE

Thank you for creating this life. We Love You

I have worked with another IVF office previously and felt the entire time as though I was just a number. They were courteous and professional but never made me feel welcome or happy to go to an appointment. From the very first appointment with Dr. Minoos I felt the difference. From the cozy “pink room” where we first talked to the obvious joy and enthusiasm she has for her profession everything was so clearly patient-centric. I have never met a hyper-organized type A person who also has outstanding people skills – Dr. Minoos is a rare breed. I love going in for my weekly appointments and having Dr. Minoos share my joy over the tiny Life now growing inside me.

Patient RP

I would highly recommended Fertility Institute of San Diego to anybody. This has been the best decision my husband and I have ever made.

I came to Fertility Institute of San Diego frustrated and, honestly a little desperate after a few doctors told me I had “unexplained infertility”. Dr. Hosseinzadeh sat down with me and my husband and answered ALL of our questions. After asking me a few questions, she highly suspected I had endometriosis. Nobody ever mentioned this word to me before. Because of this, I had a lot of questions. She patiently answered all of them and tried to assuage my fears as much as possible and told us that she would do everything in her power to help us get pregnant. The process started shortly after that. Unfortunately during the early stages, I was diagnosed with a cyst in my ovary and needed surgery.

Dr. Hosseinzadeh was able to find a doctor for me quickly. I was nervous, but trusted her judgment. I required laparoscopic surgery and needed time to heal. Once healed the IVF process resumed. Despite two egg retrievals, we only had one normal embryo ready for implantation. With just the one embryo Dr. Hosseinzadeh did EVERYTHING she could for me and I am now successfully pregnant. She has been completely available to me throughout the entire process. I was told I could call her day or night which I did a few times and on the weekend. I was always able to get in contact with her and she was extremely with me every time I had a concern or there was any kind of problem. I loved being able to go each week for an ultrasound and know everything going on with my baby. I love everything about Fertility Institute of San Diego and Dr. Hosseinzadeh. I cannot say enough good things about them and I am beyond grateful to Dr. Hosseinzadeh and her staff. I wish I could remain with them throughout my pregnancy because they have made me feel so comfortable and valued.

Patient Lauren Lazo

Thank you for everything, my anxiety is at rest now and I appreciate that more than you know!

I have been a surrogate one time before and have also had two unsuccessful transfers. This was all with another clinic. Since I have started my journey here at Fertility Institute of San Diego, I have had nothing but an amazing experience! I have felt taken care of, informed and felt like I was an actual patient, not just a number and incubator!

Patient Cristin Clark

Thank you Fertility Institute of San Diego!

Fertility Institute of San Diego really dedicate themselves to their patients. I have never had such great care before. Hands down best fertility clinic. My health and satisfaction were their first priority. The outcome for me was greater than what I was expecting. I am so grateful to work with them and have them take care of me.

Patient Lindsey Wright

I wholeheartedly recommend Fertility Institute of San Diego to anyone looking to start or expand their family.

I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Doctor Minoos Hosseinzadeh and her staff. The doctor and her staff are always kind, caring and concerned. Dr. Minoos and her staff provide top quality care; they did a wonderful job of assisting us on this long and stressful journey. Her advise was always from the perspective of maximizing the success of a healthy embryo transfer.

Patient AL

As a patient I would recommend this amazing clinic to all looking to start a family.

Dr. Hosseinzadeh made me so comfortable through the entire egg donation process. I felt confident that the egg retrieval was going to go smoothly. I wouldn’t choose another clinic!

Patient NN

We hope to become successful again when we return back to the clinic to try our luck with my frozen two embryos.

Dear Dr. H, Happy greetings! The last time you saw me was when you were discharging me from the clinic in March. I had finally gotten pregnant! My husband and I were about to give up hope and move on to trying donor eggs. However, you encouraged me to try another cycle and after three long years, we were blessed with our little miracle!
Words can’t describe how fortunate we feel to have met you. I often think of you when I look at my son. We felt other professionals were losing hope with my “unexplained” infertility, but you pushed me to see things differently. Please know how truly thankful we are for your support and efforts you made in helping us achieve our baby.
We hope to become successful again when we return back to the clinic to try our luck with my frozen two embryos. Look forward to seeing you then.

Patient DM

Thank you so much for being kind, caring, and compassionate to us during such a difficult stage in our lives.

Dr. H, Thank you so much for being kind, caring, and compassionate to us during such a difficult stage in our lives. You helped us start our family. With love and gratitude.

Patient BP

Thank you for your kindness during our difficult time.

Dr. H, Thank you for your kindness during our difficult time. Your considerate way of letting us know how things were progressing without dashing our hopes allowed us to make it through much less painfully.

Patient CL

The feeling of becoming a mother is beyond words, and you helped me make a dream a reality.

Dear Dr. H, I wanted to thank you for believing that I could achieve such an important goal in every woman’s life, as well as all of your help in preparing me to become a mother. You always kept me focused. I couldn’t have done it without you and your staff, you were all amazing. The feeling of becoming a mother is beyond words, and you helped me make a dream a reality.

Patient SB

Thank you for your kindness and compassion.

Dr. H, Thank you for your kindness and compassion. You have a wonderful way about you and you really eased my concerns about the whole procedure. Thank you for your wonderful care. Sincerely!

Patient RB

I am forever grateful!

Dear Dr. H, Thank you so much for everything (there really are not big enough words to thank you for what I feel). I am so grateful to the staff for their help, the moral support and the encouragement you gave me on the days when I didn’t feel too hopeful on my own. What a privilege to have access to such quality care so close to home. I don’t know what I would have done without you. I am forever grateful!

Patient TT

You have such a calm, caring manner and you made a really tough journey much easier.

Dear Dr. H, I want to thank you for everything you did to make our dream of pregnancy come true. You have such a calm, caring manner and you made a really tough journey much easier. My husband and I both felt very comfortable with you, and also the rest of your staff. If we decide to pursue IVF again, we will certainly come back to you.

Patient SM

We owe you a debt of gratitude for such a wonderful blessing.

Dr. H, We would like to thank you and all the staff for your friendly and compassionate care. Parenthood is so much better than we ever imagined it to be. We owe you a debt of gratitude for such a wonderful blessing.

Patient LR

We are eternally grateful.

Dear Dr. H, I am now a full-time stay at home mom, and am enjoying every single moment after everything we all have been through. It is so hard to put into words our gratitude to you for all you did to help us conceive our beautiful son. We are eternally grateful.

Patient JC

We are so thrilled to introduce to you, our baby girl.

Dr. H, We are so thrilled to introduce to you, our baby girl. Our hearts are full, our arms no longer empty. We thank you with all our love.

Patient AB

FISD patient testimonial
FISD testimonial

I came to the Fertility Institute of San Diego for help getting pregnant. Fertility Institute of San Diego helped me achieve my goal of being a mother to twins. Dr. Hosseinzadeh and her staff were so welcoming and made me feel so comfortable and were understanding of my concerns that I needed help getting pregnant. Dr. Hosseinzadeh did an amazing job explaining the procedure step-by-step from ultrasound to medication. Now I have twins on the way and couldn't be more happy!

Natasha B.

As a first time surrogate, Dr. H made my experience so amazing. Dr. H, always took her time to explain things. I was always able to communicate with her. She is amazing, respectful, professional and caring. I will for sure miss my IVF visits.

Surrogate Elizabeth C.

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