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Fertility preservation allows individuals and couples to do what was once impossible–delay family-building. Using advanced technology, our San Diego fertility center can freeze eggs, sperm and embryos. Dr. Minoos Hosseinzadeh provides compassionate care to every patient who walks through our doors, and she is personally involved in each treatment cycle.

A look at egg freezing as a way to pause the biological clock

There are many reasons why a woman might want to explore egg freezing. Some women may want to delay motherhood to focus on their education, career or finding the right partner. Others may be facing a diagnosis of cancer or another illness that involves fertility-damaging treatment. Regardless of the reason, this form of fertility preservation involves the same basic steps.

Learn more about the egg freezing process here.

Fertility Preservation

Exploring Sperm Freezing as a Way to Delay Fatherhood

Sperm freezing is an excellent option for men who are preparing for a vasectomy, military deployment or fertility-damaging treatments for illnesses like cancer. This form of fertility preservation is relatively simple.

Learn more about the sperm freezing process here.

Embryo Freezing Can be an Excellent Option for Couples

If a couple needs to delay parenthood for any reason, embryo freezing can be a great solution. This process involves undergoing an IVF cycle, which includes egg retrieval and fertilization. We can even biopsy a few cells from the resulting embryos in order to perform preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) before our embryologists freeze them.

Embryo freezing not only allows couples to preserve their fertility, but it also lets them know how many normal embryos they have frozen for later use.

Fertility Institute of San Diego Gives Hopeful Parents Options

Our San Diego fertility center is proud to offer cutting-edge fertility preservation options to meet your individual needs in a compassionate and caring environment. Contact us if you would like more information about egg, sperm or embryo freezing. *If you are considering fertility preservation in response to a cancer diagnosis, please let us know. We can arrange for you to quickly start the process so that you don’t have to delay your cancer treatment.

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