Reciprocal IVF for San Diego Lesbians Couples

Lesbian fertility

A Fertility Treatment available to Lesbian Couples – Shared Motherhood  For lesbian couples looking to have a baby, there are now many innovative fertility treatment options offered at Fertility Institute of San Diego, a boutique IVF center, that specializes in LGBTQ+ family building.  Unique IVF Treatment for Lesbian Couples One of the very distinctive innovative … Read more

Egg Freezing: Do you feel your biological clock ticking?

Egg Freezing

Egg freezing is an appealing option for women who want to extend their fertility time frame. Women elect to use this service for a variety of reasons, including: Fertility preservation (to pursue educational, career or personal life goals) Prefers to avoid freezing surplus embryos after an IVF cycle Medical conditions or treatment (chemotherapy or radiation … Read more

Are you trying to get pregnant in your late 30s?

Pregnant in your 30s

This isn’t another depressing or discouraging write-up on how fertility declines in your 30s, so please, read on! Women in their late 30s can do a variety of things to improve their chances of getting pregnant. The fertility odds are manageable! In fact, 80% of women between 35-39 can become pregnant within a year. To … Read more