National Infertility Awareness Week 2023

National Infertility Awareness Week

April 23-29 is National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW), and the theme this year is #FindYourVoice. Talking about infertility is important and helps reduce the stigma surrounding women’s reproductive health. Additionally, men also deal with infertility, but, unfortunately, it is not talked about as much. This can lead to couples avoiding talking to their doctors, adding … Read more

Common Signs of Infertility in Men

Man with common signs of infertilty

When couples are unable to conceive, finding out why is important. There are often options to help these couples start or grow their family, but getting to the root cause of fertility is the first step. While fertility issues in women are often talked about more openly, infertility issues can plague men, as well. Keep … Read more

Fertility Related Proteins In Men Can Be Affected By COVID-19

doctor working with patient

  If you’re trying to have a baby, you may want to talk to your partner about taking extra precautions to avoid COVID-19. Whether that means limiting contact with others, wearing a mask, getting vaccinated, or other adjustments, there’s a good reason to stay healthy. Research has shown that men who contract COVID can have … Read more