It’s World IVF Day! First Baby Louise Brown was Born!


July 25th marks World IVF Day, commemorating the birth of Louise Brown. She was the very first baby to be conceived using IVF, and at the time was called a “test tube baby.” Louise weighed five pounds, 12 ounces at birth, and was delivered via cesarean section in 1978. Her mother had struggled with infertility … Read more

Self-Care Tips for Women Undergoing IVF

Self-care for women

If you’re undergoing IVF you know the journey to conceive can be overwhelming and difficult. That’s why self-care opportunities are so important. Here are a few simple ways you can take good care of yourself throughout the IVF process. Keep Up With Healthy Habits Daily walks, getting enough sleep, and eating a healthy diet are … Read more

What is Mini Stim IVF?

Woman on fertility journey at Thanksgiving

Mini IVF or minimal-stimulation IVF is one of the options patients needing fertility treatments may want to consider. But what is mini-stim? Which patients are the best candidates? Mini IVF uses less medications than traditional IVF thereby reducing the cost of the IVF cycle. This result in a gentler stimulation with fewer eggs growing and … Read more

What is Reciprocal IVF?

Lesbian Couple Together Outdoors Concept

Reciprocal IVF is a procedure that allows both partners in a lesbian couple to participate in the pregnancy. One woman’s eggs are used, and fertilized with donated sperm. Then the resulting embryos are implanted into the other woman to carry the pregnancy. Not only does that allow for participation from both partners, but it also … Read more