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Our team here at the Fertility Institute of San Diego has been carefully selected for their extensive experience, amazing track record, and sensitivity to all our patient’s needs. We know how difficult facing fertility problems can be, and each and every member of our staff is here to listen, care for you, and welcome you as if you were our own family member. Let us be there for you, and help you grow your family, two tiny feet at a time.
Meet Our Board Certified Anesthesiologists

Anesthesia Team

We have an in house anesthesia team who are highly trained to ensure you have the best care possible. Our physicians will provide your surgical anesthesia for your on-site surgical procedures, so you don’t have to go back and forth to different hospitals or work with anyone you don’t know. We pride ourselves on our community of highly trained individuals and are glad to give you a small boutique experience in every stage of your treatment.
Meet Our Embryologists

Senior Embryologists

Our Embryologists have years of experience that ensure the future of your family will be in good hands. They are experts in their field and are constantly on the hunt for the most effective medical advances and latest technologies, ensuring each cell has the highest chance of successful preservation and future growth. With our high-tech laboratory, they have every tool available to put their amazing skills to use and work toward building your family.

Meet Our Nurses

Meet Our Nurses

Our nurses are passionate about building relationships with each patient that walks through our doors. They know that facing fertility issues can be a difficult time in someone’s life, and are sensitive, attentive, and caring towards all aspects of their patient’s individualized needs. They are there with you, through every single step in your treatment, not only to provide skilled and qualified care, but to give support, cheer you on, and be a friendly face during your fertility journey.
Meet Our Coordinators

Meet Our Coordinators

Our coordinators will be your go-to for all the details of your fertility journey. They are there to greet you from the moment you come into our clinic, and provide personalized care to help formulate your schedule and answer all your questions. They help make our clinic feel like a home and a family, and are excited to welcome every new patient with open arms as you embark on this exciting new chapter in your life.

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