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4 Foods That Can Harm Male Fertility and Sperm Health

Keep These Items Off Your Grocery List to Avoid Declining Sperm Count

When it comes to sperm health, you may not realize how your shopping list can make an impact on your fertility. Lifestyle choices such as your diet, is a huge way you can make a positive change when trying to conceive. Let’s learn more about 4 foods that can harm male fertility and sperm health so you can have better fertility health.

#1 Processed Meats

A Harvard Study showed that men who ate fewer than 1.5 servings of processed meats a week had a 28% better chance of achieving pregnancy compared to men who ate almost 3 more servings a week. Processed meats include hamburgers, bacon, beef jerky, hot dogs, and salami.  Studies show that red meat is related to low sperm concentration and total sperm count. Eating processed red meat can also alter sperm motility. Instead of processed meat you can opt for poultry or fish options. Research states that the fertilization rate is higher among men who ate the most poultry compared to those who ate the least amount of poultry. A small study associated better sperm motility with a higher fish intake.

#2 Trans Fats

Trans fats have been utilized in the food industry for their extended shelf life, but scientific reports bring to light risk factors for cardiovascular diseases that are associated with trans fatty acids. A recent study shows that sperm with the highest trans-fatty acid levels were linked to lower sperm concentrations. 

#3 Soy Products

In a study, it was shown that men who consumed the most soy had the lowest sperm counts. Soy-based foods include soy milk, veggie burgers, protein bars, as well as tofu and tempeh. In this study, men who were overweight were impacted the most. Soybeans are rich in isoflavones, which experiments have shown to have reproductive toxicities. A Harvard Study linked high consumption of isoflavones to lower sperm counts. For many, soy can be a healthy food, but if you are a man struggling with fertility, it may be worth keeping off the list. 

#4 High Fat Dairy Products

As a child, you were most likely encouraged to drink milk to grow and get strong. When it comes to male fertility, not all dairy is created equal. Surprisingly, a study with 189 men between the ages of 18-22 found that high fat dairy products such as whole milk, cheese, and cream, were linked to abnormal sperm shape and decreased motility. Studies have shown that even three portions of full-fat dairy food a day have led to men having poorer sperm quality. According to research, young men who eat more than three slices of cheese may be putting their fertility at risk. On the other hand, a low dairy product like low fat milk was linked to higher sperm concentration and motility.

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