harmful fruits during pregnancy for pregnant woman.

Can certain fruits be harmful during pregnancy?

Here’s how 3 fruits may cause concern if you’re expecting.

One would only expect that eating fresh fruits would only be beneficial when you’re pregnant. What could possibly be wrong with fresh, nutritious fruits? It is true that there are several fruits that are nourishing to an expectant mother, although this does not mean that all fruits should be treated equal during pregnancy. Let’s break down why it may be a good idea to keep specific fruits off your list if you are carrying a child. 

#1 Papayas May Prematurely Induce Labor

Papayas have been used for medicinal purposes as they have iron and antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, and E, which are great for heart health and reducing inflammation. Ripe papayas have several health advantages, but raw or semi ripe papaya can be risky. The harm that can come from it is enough for people to avoid it through pregnancy altogether. The latex may induce premature contractions and lead to early labor. Your body can also mistake a proteolytic enzyme (breaks down proteins into smaller fragments) called papain for a group of lipids called prostaglandins, which can be used to induce labor. When in labor, prostaglandins are produced naturally to prepare the cervix, but it is also administered in order to encourage the onset of labor. 

#2 Pineapples can Cause Discomfort 

Eating pineapples in moderation can nourish pregnant women with folate, fiber, minerals, and vitamins. On the other hand, if you ever get to the point where you are eating eight whole raw pineapples per day, it can bring upon some discomfort. Too much bromelain, a protein-digesting enzyme, can lead to cramping, diarrhea, and increased urination. Fresh pineapple can also aggravate acid reflux, heartburn, and mouth ulcer issues. A combination of the vitamin c, acids, and active enzymes may affect the protective layers in your stomach and mouth. To stay safe, many doctors recommend eating this fruit in small portions and being super mindful if you are sensitive. The discomfort may not be something you want to deal with during your pregnancy. 

#3 Grapes may be Poisonous 

It is true that grapes have vital nutrients that can be beneficial to the development of a baby. Despite this, if you’re pregnant you may still want to steer clear of this fruit for now. The outer skin of grapes contain a toxic compound called resveratrol. It is typically considered a healthy nutrient, but it could be unsafe when expecting, and even cause pregnancy complications. Grapes are also often sprayed with pesticides that don’t wash off all the way. They can stay on the skin and may negatively affect the fetus. Like with all fruits, moderation is key, but some mothers-to-be choose to avoid this fruit altogether. 

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