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Common Signs of Infertility in Men

When couples are unable to conceive, finding out why is important. There are often options to help these couples start or grow their family, but getting to the root cause of fertility is the first step. While fertility issues in women are often talked about more openly, infertility issues can plague men, as well. Keep reading to discover common signs of infertility in men. 

One of the most common signs of infertility in men is a change in their sex drive. Virility is governed by hormones, and if virility is greatly reduced it could be an indication that there is a hormonal issue that will also affect fertility. Men may also experience pain or swelling in their testicles, and there are several conditions that could cause that problem. This can lead to infertility, and is something that should be checked out by a doctor.

Another reason to visit the doctor for potential fertility issues would be if a man has small, firm testicles. Because sperm is housed in the testes, testicle health is very important when it comes to virility and fertility. Smaller or firmer testicles can be normal for some men, but it’s never a bad idea to get a medical professional’s opinion on whether there could be an infertility issue.

Additional signs of infertility include difficulty maintaining an erection and an inability to ejaculate. These are often linked to proper levels of hormones, so if there are hormonal issues it can be more difficult for a man to get and keep his erection. Problems with ejaculation are also significant, and getting to the bottom of the issue may be as simple as balancing hormone levels properly.

Finding out the cause of infertility in men isn’t always easy, because many men don’t like to talk about this issue. But if they desire to be fathers and are having trouble conceiving with their partner, working with a medical professional is the best way for men to discover whether they have fertility issues, and work toward solving those concerns.

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