Consider Freezing Your Eggs or Sperm if You’re Not Ready to Start a Family Yet

Woman talking with doctor about freezing eggs

Starting a family can be a very big step, and it’s important to wait until you’re ready. That can include financial and career aspects, but also housing, emotional considerations, and all kinds of other reasons. One of the ways you can increase your peace of mind while you wait to be ready for children is to freeze your eggs or sperm. Doing that helps you prepare for unexpected issues such as infertility, medical care that can affect fertility, and other concerns.

Women who are approaching their early to mid-thirties and aren’t ready to have a family yet should consider freezing their eggs at that time. That’s because the quality of eggs typically starts to degrade in the mid thirties, which can make harvesting eggs or getting pregnant naturally more difficult. By freezing eggs that are younger and of good quality, there’s less worry about being able to have future children on a timeline that’s more comfortable.

Men may also want to consider freezing their sperm, as the quality does degrade with age. Additionally, if a man needs treatment for cancer or certain other medical conditions they may not be able to produce quality sperm (or any at all) at a later date. Freezing sperm before the procedure reduces anxiety over whether they can have children in the future because it freezes well and can be frozen for a long period of time.

No matter your gender, choosing to have children is a big step. It’s very important to plan for it as much as possible, and freezing your eggs or sperm can be an important and highly valuable part of that. Some couples decide to freeze embryos, and that can provide a good success rate for future pregnancy. However, if you don’t have a partner you can still freeze eggs or sperm.

Many people who choose this option don’t end up using what was frozen, because they create natural pregnancies on their own. However, there’s no way to determine future fertility or what could happen in a person’s life. Freezing sperm or eggs adds some security for anyone who wants a family but just isn’t ready right now.

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