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Fertility and the New Year, How To Prepare to Start or Grow Your Family in 2024

A lot of people are making big plans for the new year, and if you’re one of them your plans might involve either starting or growing your family. If getting pregnant in 2024 is your goal, being prepared can increase your chances of seeing results. Here are a few things you can do to get ready.

First, make a plan. If you have a partner it’s important to ensure you’re both on the same page with the number of children you want, what kinds of medical intervention you’ll accept for reproductive assistance, and other concerns. Then you can reduce any chances of arguments or misunderstandings, and focus on developing your family. If you’re single and doing this alone, you’ll want to know who to contact to get started on the process of finding a sperm donor or surrogate.

Second, reach out and get the support you need. That can come from medical professionals or your family and friends. Ideally, it should come from both. You need to know what your insurance will cover and whether you’re healthy enough to safely start a family, for example. But you also want to make sure you have loved ones you can talk to during the journey, and who will be there for you if you’re having a hard time with fertility or just want some additional guidance.

Also, understand what you can and can’t control. There are plenty of things you can do on your fertility journey to give yourself a better chance of conceiving. That includes taking good care of yourself and eliminating bad habits. Still, there are also some aspects of the experience you don’t have any control over, and even if you do everything right you may still need reproductive assistance technology to have a family.

Being aware of that can help ease your discomfort if you feel like you’re doing everything “right” but still not having success. If you do what you can with the understanding that you may need to make adjustments in the future, you’ll be well-prepared for the new year.

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