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How Infertility Can Affect Your Mental Health

Infertility is more than just physically having trouble getting pregnant. It’s also a mental health issue that can affect your self-esteem and how you feel about yourself and your place in the world. But a lot of people don’t talk about the psychological impact infertility can have, and the feelings of loss it can create. Many women feel “less than,” especially if they’ve always wanted to be mothers, or they know their partner really wants to have a child.

Talking about the issue is one of the best ways to bring your feelings to light and work toward acceptance. Whether you’re undergoing medical treatments such as IVF, or you’ve decided to forego those options, your feelings surrounding infertility may be complicated. Your partner could be struggling, as well, with loss, sadness, or even anger. By working with a counselor, you can get the help and support you (and your partner) need to move forward on whatever path you choose to take.

Look for someone who has a background in working with infertility, in order to make sure you’re being heard. You want a trained professional who can understand the struggle you’re facing, and who has the training to help you re-center yourself and find joy in your life. There are multiple options to treat infertility so find the right one(s) that work for you. 

Even if you’re working toward having a child through IVF or other methods, talking with a professional about your mental health can be very valuable. You can also consider journaling, as it helps you get your thoughts down on paper, so you can reflect on them more easily. With so many opportunities to talk with caring professionals, you can make sure mental health a priority as you work through the feelings and concerns infertility creates.

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