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May is Women’s Health Care Month

Women’s Health Care Month is celebrated every year in May. This was originally started by the NCCC (National Cervical Cancer Coalition), and begins annually with National Women’s Health Week in the first week of the month. Often, women don’t get the medical care they need because they are scared that they will not be taken seriously by their doctors. Because of that, women need to be advocates for their own health.

Women’s Health Care Month encourages women to do that, and to speak up and keep looking for answers if they have a health concern. By working with medical professionals who listen to them and understand their worries, women can get the right care. That can lead them to treatments and medications to improve the quality of their lives, and help them do more with their loved ones, too.

Getting annual checkups is very important to catch any diseases or other health problems that are getting started, and the month of May is a good reminder to schedule that annual exam. For women who haven’t already had a yearly checkup, scheduling their physical can help them remain proactive in caring for their health and wellness.

Self-care is another way women can help protect and enhance their health. While that can sometimes mean things like a spa day and a cupcake, it more often means protecting their mental health as much as their physical needs. Taking time for themselves, focusing on getting enough rest, and making sure to eat healthy foods are all valuable acts of self-care.

Empowerment is another vital part of helping women take better care of themselves. When women feel empowered they’re more likely to use their voices and stand up for themselves at medical appointments and in other areas of life. Doing that gives them goals and areas of focus, and can encourage them to keep speaking up all throughout the year.

While the month of May is focused on women’s health care, it’s up to individual women and those who love them to make sure they’re getting proper medical care and working toward good self-care all throughout the year.

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