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Navigating the Holiday Season at Work: Balancing Infertility and Career

While infertility can be difficult any time of the year, it’s especially stressful around the holidays. Depending on the kind of career you have, you could be dealing with more than your fair share of issues related to how your company or industry handles seasonal holidays. If you work at a company where there are a lot of families, for example, you might find that the holidays bring more child-friendly activities and interactions, which can be uncomfortable.

You may also hear a lot more about the families of your co-workers as they talk about their holiday plans, show family pictures they had taken for Christmas cards, and bring in gifts that were made for them by their children, nieces, or nephews. With all that going on in your workplace, it’s harder to focus on the tasks at hand and keep a happy, healthy attitude. Close coworkers that are aware of your struggles will be more careful around you, but that’s not going to be the case for everyone.

Work parties and other get-togethers can create a lot of stress, as well, since they’re designed to be a festive time of sharing and joy. It’s not always easy to participate in those kinds of experiences when you feel heartbroken and sad. Remember that it’s always okay to say no to an invitation, or to leave early. While there are some expectations that come along with the working world, you also need to do what’s necessary to protect your mental and emotional health.

Limiting your interactions with coworkers who are openly discussing their children, and their family plans for the holidays, is a good idea to help you feel more comfortable during your infertility journey. You may not be able to avoid all of it, of course, when you work closely with people, but keeping your mind on work and making sure you take time for good self-care during your downtime can make it easier for you to move through the holiday season and into the new year as smoothly as possible.

When you know the best tips for your holistic fertility journey, you can make wise, healthy choices that help you experience higher chances of a successful conception and pregnancy, so you can experience the joy that comes with growing your family. Having the right information and support along the way is a vital part of making your journey the best it can possibly be. Get our free ebook here

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