Reciprocal IVF for San Diego Lesbians Couples

reciprocal ivf

A Fertility Treatment available to Lesbian Couples Shared Motherhood 

For lesbian couples looking to have a baby, there are now many innovative fertility treatment options offered at Fertility Institute of San Diego, a boutique IVF center, that specializes in LGBTQ+ family building. 

Unique IVF Treatment for Lesbian Couples

One of the very distinctive innovative fertility treatment options for lesbian couples is reciprocal IVF, also called shared motherhood, partner IVF, co-IVF, partner-assisted reproduction, or reception of oocytes from partner. 

What is Reciprocal IVF?

When both females in a lesbian relationship participate in a pregnancy (with a sperm donor); one female providing the eggs, and the other female carries the baby; in short, that is referred to as reciprocal IVF or shared motherhood. 

How Does Reciprocal IVF Work?

For lesbian couples wanting to experience the miracle of motherhood together, reciprocal IVF is ideal. 

The procedure for reciprocal IVF for lesbian female couples is similar to conventional IVF treatments. In conventional IVF, we use injectable fertility medications to start controlled ovarian stimulation and to mature eggs. The eggs are then retrieved under transvaginal ultrasound while the patient is under anesthesia sedation.  After egg retrieval our embryologist fertilizes the eggs using donor sperm. The fertilized eggs are then nurtured in our IVF lab for 5 days, at this time PGT-A (preimplantation genetic testing) is performed. Once embryos and the uterine lining are ready, the embryos are placed at the top of the uterus using a tiny catheter. Embryos can also be frozen for future use. 

The process for reciprocal IVF is similar with the expectation that one female partner goes through the egg stimulation process and egg retrieval. In reciprocal IVF, once the embryos are mature, they are transferred into the other female partner. This female partner then carries and delivers the baby. Reciprocal IVF, is a wonderful option for lesbian couples looking to share the miracle of pregnancy. One female partner becomes the egg donor, and the other partner the gestational carrier. 

Reciprocal IVF in a San Diego Fertility Center

Dr. Minoos Hosseinzadeh, founder and director at Fertility Institute of San Diego, has been a proud supporter of the LGBTQ+ community by helping build families for over 25+ years. For more information on reciprocal IVF for LGBTQ fertility options, book a free consultation by clicking here. 

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