Self-care for women

Self-Care Tips for Women Undergoing IVF

If you’re undergoing IVF you know the journey to conceive can be overwhelming and difficult. That’s why self-care opportunities are so important. Here are a few simple ways you can take good care of yourself throughout the IVF process.

Keep Up With Healthy Habits

Daily walks, getting enough sleep, and eating a healthy diet are important for anyone who’s focused on IVF, but these kinds of habits can be hard to keep up with when it feels like your goal of having a family is the main focus. Still, it’s very important to keep up with good habits, or work on forming them if you haven’t yet done so.

Talk to a Trusted Professional

Seeing a therapist is common for women dealing with fertility issues, and when you talk to a professional you can trust it’s easier to see the big picture. Don’t be afraid to seek out someone to talk to, as IVF can take some time.

Journal or Meditate to Relax

Meditation and journaling are two great ways to relax and feel more comfortable during your IVF journey. You may also want to read good books, color or draw, or get massages. There are plenty of options to help you relax and feel more rested.

Take a Short Vacation

Short vacations can be a nice break from IVF treatments and medical appointments. As long as you’re not gone too long, and you’re staying on an IVF schedule that works for you and your doctors, there’s no reason not to get away for a few days.

Make Sure You Have a Support System

A support system is a really important part of proper self-care. You want to have people you can reach out to when you need it most. Whether that’s someone in your family or a close friend group, find the supportive people in your life and let them help.

With good self-care you can make your IVF journey easier. That may or may not help you conceive faster, but will help to make the process more pleasant and less stressful, overall.

We welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you may have about your fertility treatment. Here at the Fertility Institute of San Diego, you will be treated with compassion and care. At larger fertility clinics, patients can feel like a number. However, we are different. We realize that you’re a unique individual and we always treat you that way. We take great pride in being a boutique practice, where a single physician who knows everything about your case treats you. Contact us today to get started! 

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