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The Role of Support Networks: Friends, Family, and Online Communities on Your Infertility Journey

When you’re on an infertility journey, don’t underestimate the role family, friends, and online communities can play. Feeling heard, having people to talk to, and knowing where you can turn when you have questions or just need some support really goes a long way toward helping you make it through more difficult times. When you look for networking, though, it’s very important that you’re choosing places where you’ll be treated with the care and compassion you need.

Some studies have shown that not all support groups are properly managed, and those that have issues and problems may not offer the level of support you need. Instead, you may find toxic positivity and other concerns. Fortunately, there are many supportive groups for people struggling with infertility. It’s unfortunate that so many people are experiencing this issue, but there’s real value in linking up with others who are on the same journey that you and/or your partner are immersed in.

Friends and family members can also be excellent sources of support in a lot of cases. If you have other family members who’ve dealt with infertility, for example, they understand what you’re going through and can be there for you in hard times. Even those who haven’t been on this kind of journey often have other losses in their life, and they want to help because they care about you and your happiness.

Some people tend to isolate themselves when they’re facing infertility because they’re sad, angry, or just dealing with a lot of things they don’t want to explain to others. While it’s understandable for you to take some time for yourself, it’s also important for you to have connections who can help you move through the process of trying to start or grow your family. 

If you reach out and don’t connect with a particular friend, family member, or online community, remember that there are others where you can get additional support, guidance, and good information. Don’t give up on looking for that support, because it can be extremely beneficial for your mental health as you move through your fertility journey.

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