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Tips to Enjoy Thanksgiving While on Your Fertility Journey

When you’re in the midst of a fertility journey the holidays can be difficult. Even with all the joy this time of year often brings, you might find yourself feeling sad, incomplete, and even frustrated or angry. Those are normal emotions, and it’s absolutely fair to acknowledge them. But you can also find some great ways to see the beauty of the Thanksgiving holiday, as well.

A lot of activities are family-focused during the holidays, and that can mean child-focused times that aren’t always easy or comfortable. If you’re finding yourself in that situation, it may be time to start some new traditions. You also want to remember the things you’re grateful for, and take some time to protect your physical and mental health. That can help you move toward the new year with hope and peace, instead of with stress and worry.

Don’t sacrifice your happiness or well being for other people, or for the sake of what you’re “supposed to” do during Thanksgiving or other holiday times. It’s okay to say no to get-togethers that aren’t right for you or activities you don’t want to participate in. It’s also okay to take extra time just for you, or you and your partner, and spend it in ways that work for your needs. Identifying your emotional triggers can help you decide what to avoid.

You can also focus on giving back or volunteering, as that often helps keep you busy and can make you feel good about helping other people. When you provide support and compassion for others, and also have a good support system for your own fears and worries, you can get more value out of the Thanksgiving season and have plenty to be truly thankful for.

Even in the midst of all the positive aspects of the holidays and the ways you can increase your joy, though, remember that you may still have negative emotions. It’s okay to acknowledge those, as they’re a part of life. You don’t have to hide how you’re feeling, and the people who love and care for you will understand.

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