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Wellness Tips to Reduce Stress While Dealing with Infertility

If you’re dealing with infertility you know that it can be a stressful time. That adds to the frustration, because increased stress can make it more difficult to conceive. Reducing your stress level is important. Here are some of the best ways to lower your stress levels throughout your infertility journey.

Find a Support Group

You don’t need a formal support group if that’s not your thing. You can have support from friends and family members, or from an online group of people dealing with the same concerns you’re facing. No matter who you turn to for support, make sure you’re choosing people who truly support your journey, and who will give you the help you need during difficult times.

Take Breaks if You Need To

If you need to take a break from IVF for a cycle or two, there’s no shame in that. Your mental and physical health are both very important, and you don’t need to stress yourself out by trying to hurry the process. It’s understandable that you want to move forward, but make sure you’re honoring how you’re feeling. If you feel like you need a break, be sure to talk to your doctor about taking a break and resuming IVF at a later date. 

Focus on the Present Moment

The precious, present moment is really all anyone has. When you’re on a fertility journey you can become very fixated on the future. That’s completely understandable, but it can reduce your stress to take a good look at all the beautiful things in your life right now. Spend some time just being present and appreciating all you have.

Talk With a Professional

Talking to a professional therapist about your journey and the stress it’s causing you is a good way to get your feelings out in an environment where you can really be heard. It can really help to talk, and interacting with a professional who can help you process complicated feelings can ease your stress and worry about the future. Then you can feel more comfortable and secure in your fertility journey.

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