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What is Mini Stim IVF?

Mini IVF or minimal-stimulation IVF is one of the options patients needing fertility treatments may want to consider. But what is mini-stim? Which patients are the best candidates? Mini IVF uses less medications than traditional IVF thereby reducing the cost of the IVF cycle. This result in a gentler stimulation with fewer eggs growing and fewer eggs harvested. 

Patients with polycystic ovarian syndrome who usually have very high antral follicle counts do not require as much medication. Women with decreased ovarian reserve also may not produce more eggs with higher doses of medications and as a result would be candidates for minimal stimulation IVF. This allows a woman to develop between two and four eggs, so she has additional options but doesn’t have the more significant levels of egg production that would come with IVF the way it’s commonly done. 

It is important to undergo testing to discern the cause for infertility. The stimulation protocol should then be tailored to your individualized results and needs. Regardless of the type of IVF treatment used, the addition of PGT-a which is genetic testing on embryos can increase success rates to be as high as 70 to 80%.

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