Visiting a Reproductive Endocrinologist

When to See a Reproductive Endocrinologist

A reproductive endocrinologist (RE) is someone who can help people trying to get pregnant when they’re experiencing multiple miscarriages or other forms of pregnancy loss. With specialized training around helping people get pregnant and stay that way, these REs can diagnose many conditions that cause infertility. Those conditions can include PCOS, anovulation, endometriosis, and more. Male infertility issues can also be diagnosed by an RE, to help couples find the cause of their concerns. Keep reading to learn when to see a Reproductive Endocrinologist on your fertility journey. 

Assisted reproductive technologies can be used by REs to help people get pregnant and carry a child to term, and REs may also offer surgical options that help with pregnancy, such as reversing a tubal ligation or removing fibroids from the uterus. Understanding when you should see a reproductive endocrinologist is an important part of working to have a healthy pregnancy. It can typically take several months for a healthy, heterosexual couple to become pregnant once they’ve decided to start a family.

That can create worry and stress, and make the couple start to wonder if something is wrong. That stress, in turn, can make it more difficult to achieve pregnancy. Relaxing and allowing nature to take its course may help result in the intended outcome. If it doesn’t, or if there are other health considerations, working with an RE can be the right choice for the couple. Typically, you’ll want to see a reproductive endocrinologist if you’ve been trying to conceive for a full year and haven’t had success.

You may also want to work with an RE if you have a history of miscarriage, or if you’ve struggled with infertility in the past. Even if you haven’t tried to have children before, a family history of pregnancy loss means you should be monitored more closely when you’re trying to become pregnant, as well. If you’re over 35, have a reproductive health condition, or your menstrual periods have ceased, those are also reasons to work with an RE for pregnancy support.

The Fertility Institute of San Diego is a patient-centric practice, honoring each patient as a unique individual and providing best in class and compassionate fertility care in a warm and nurturing environment. We realize that undergoing fertility treatment is an intimate, complex and emotional process for patients. You will be taken care of by a single physician who knows everything about your case and will be there at every visit to perform all of your procedures including ultrasounds, egg retrievals and embryo transfers, unlike the larger practices. Contact us today to learn more!

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