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Tips To Fight Fatigue During Infertility Treatment

When you’re going through infertility treatments you might find that you’re more tired and fatigued than you usually are. While that’s normal for a lot of women, that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Fortunately, there are some ways you can fight back against the fatigue, so you can get things done, enjoy your hobbies, and keep moving forward with life.

What Causes IVF Fatigue?

There are a couple of reasons you might feel more fatigued during IVF treatments. The biggest reason is most likely the changing hormone levels you’ll experience. Because going through IVF requires taking fertility drugs, you can expect side effects such as fatigue and tiredness.

Another reason you might be feeling more fatigued during IVF is stress. You want to have a family, and you’re doing everything you can to help that become a reality. Worrying about that, dreaming of it, and spending time thinking about your fears and concerns can increase your stress levels, making you tired.

When is Fatigue Worse?

The fatigue that comes with IVF treatment is typically worse during ovarian stimulation, embryo transfer, and the early pregnancy stages. Many women are tired throughout the entire process, but you could experience more extreme levels of fatigue at the beginning of the process and when embryos are transferred, as well as when you become pregnant.

How Can You Manage Fatigue During IVF?

Fatigue during IVF isn’t something you can fully get rid of in most cases, but it is something you can manage. If you find that you’re struggling to stick with your regular routine, or having a hard time with your level of tiredness, consider making some changes to help you get through the process more easily. This can include:

  • Taking naps if you need to
  • Reminding yourself that this is a temporary issue
  • Getting enough sleep at night
  • Asking for help with chores and other activities
  • Eating well and staying hydrated

Over time, you’ll adapt to the changes you’re experiencing and the fatigue that comes with IVF treatments. Just be kind to yourself in the meantime, and remember the importance of the journey you’re taking.

We would love to support you on your fertility journey and we know how difficult it is to get started. You are in the perfect place and our fertility team will guide you through every step of the way, up to your Graduation Day. Contact us today to learn more!

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