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5 Tips for Handling the Holidays while Dealing with Infertility

Infertility can be difficult even at the best of times, and the holiday season often creates more stress and frustration. Getting together with friends and family means the chance for unwanted questions and intrusive comments, along with seeing others who have babies and small children. Here are five tips for handling the holidays while dealing with infertility. 

  1. Take a Break From Social Media

Getting away from social media can be a great way to have a more relaxing holiday, and can reduce the chances of interacting with people and posts that might be upsetting.

  1. Stay Close to the Right People

Whether it’s online or in real life, reach out to the people who understand your struggles and won’t make the wrong kinds of comments during an already difficult time.

  1. Focus On Healthy Boundaries

It’s okay to say no to a family gathering or an event that you know might be hard for you. Don’t be afraid to set boundaries with loved ones and others in your life, to protect your mental health.

  1. Remember to Be Compassionate to Yourself

Being compassionate is a beautiful thing, and it should extend to yourself, not just to others. It’s alright to feel upset, anxious, or anything else, and it’s alright to give yourself some grace.

  1. Do Things That Bring You Joy

Hobbies, meetups with friends, or even just some quiet time alone can all be really beneficial during the holiday season. Make sure you take time to do things that bring you joy and make you smile.

While it isn’t always easy to count your blessings when infertility feels like such a large part of your life, taking time for self-care and being around people who understand and support you can go a long way. Then you can have a better holiday season and focus on everything the new year may bring.

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